I thank You in advance for Your consideration of, and contribution to [Matthew 9:38], what has become My life’s Work. Absent higher education, I am acutely aware of My limited abilities, including My ability to effectively communicate through the written word. With that in mind, I ask for Your patience, as I hereby seek to glorify Matthew, My Beloved, through the unveiling of His new Name [Revelation 3:12]. Shall it serve as the Creator’s mark on His magnificent Creation.  


For forty years I journeyed through the once pathless wilderness called The Holy Bible, in search of wisdom [Job 28:27], seeking for the lost truth [Isaiah 43:9], the lost, hidden, divine words of God [Ezekiel 34:12]. And through divine providence have I discovered that truth to have been preserved in the long-hidden, far-reaching mystery regarding “THE NAME” —that is, the “TRUE NAME,” of God [i.e., YHWY]: the “secret” present in texts divine and otherwise, throughout the ages and around the Globe, regarding the ‘Heavenly Father’ and His only-begotten ‘Son.’ I ask that You consider this riddle, which, I humbly submit, shall here find its answer. And so, I now say, “Today, after such a long time” [Revelation 22:17]: Come!


I am aware that “The Revelation” will initially appear contrary to many long-held beliefs, World views, and expectations, including the many and varied expectations for the Parousia. I will show, through the following “true and faithful” words, that all things have indeed become “new” [1 Corinthians 1:19], through a new understanding [Isaiah 42:9] of “ALL” things, just as foretold within The Holy Bible: “Behold, I make all things new” [Revelation 21:5]. This, new–found knowledge imparts a new understanding of the love shared between the ‘Father’ and His so-called ‘Son,’ of which informs all else, conveying a deeper understanding of everything in Creation. And to this end, I will show that You, too, are truly loved, special and unique; and that You, too, have a bright and beautiful, eternal life —absent tears and abundant in laughter, just ahead in a renewed World once called earth, this future Paradise which would simply cease to be perfect without You. 


Now, You and I together —through this great ‘sea of glass,’ clear as crystal [Revelation 22:1–5], have been called by the God rightly called LORD, to that search for the truth [Proverbs 25:2], the divinely concealed, logical, objective, absolute truth, that truth of which accurately corresponds to Our factual reality. And as We embark on a divinely inspired examination of the enigmatic words within The Holy Bible, of which; to–date, have been sealed from accurate interpretation [Mark 4:12], We are assured that the revelation of the truth, veiled since time immemorial among the words of that most holy of books, shall make Us “free” [John 8:32]. This freedom, attained through knowledge of the truth, is a freedom from, as it were, belief in the very same, enigmatic words, of which—through the literary employment of religious satire [Revelation 22:11], and the “literal” interpretation of the Book—have temporally darkened Our understanding of the truth, that which the Book refers-to as the “light,” blinding Our eyes, hardening Our hearts, and imprisoning Our minds through unquestioned belief in the fore referenced, literally interpreted texts, with the accurate reading concealed —by God, for this very day and hour.


Those Biblical texts refer to themselves figuratively through a vast array of imagery, including a variety of epithets, including “the hidden things  of darkness” [1 Corinthians 4:5], when read word for word —that is, read literally, as history; and as “The Counsels of the Hearts,” when read accurately —that is, read figuratively, as ‘His Story.’ For the texts are themselves that divinely created “darkness,” openly hidden before Our thereby blinded eyes, indeed portraying in words, via religious satire, the antithesis of the truth, with the truth itself —the divinely formed light, read ‘between the lines,’  visible only by way of Our divinely prepared hearts. Hence it is through faith —“not by sight,” We come to know the truth: We must rightly divide the figurative [i.e., hidden] from the literal [i.e., seen] in order to “see in secret” [Matthew 6:6],  and recognize the hidden “words of faith,” the “Gospel of God.” As it is written, “…do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal”   [2 Corinthians 4:18]. Thus, though the subject matter of the reference work —namely, The Holy Bible, will be initially thought to have been taken ‘out of context,’ as We “divide the light from the darkness” its consequent comprehension shall make manifest the hidden truth. With Our new–found knowledge of the Book’s ‘divinely formed light,’ We shall discover that which ‘eyes have never seen, nor ears have ever heard’ —unveil, in the words of the Apostle Peter, the very things which “angels desire to look into” [1 Peter 1:12]: We shall solve that “MYSTERY” kept secret since the World began [Romans 16:25].

The Mystery of God - Master

That secret, The Mystery of God, regarding the “oneness” of the ‘Heavenly Father’ (Jesus) and “His” Christ [Revelation 11:15], is the secret of which is revealed by the reflection of their oneness, as is seen in the formulation of their “shared” Name, the aforesaid True Name” of God. It is the hidden truth, seen within the Book only by One whom can “see in secret,”  regarding that spiritual oneness of which has been demonstrated in the plurality of the singular word “God” [i.e., Elohim], that  very same oneness of which has been veiled in the plurality of the singular, shared Name of God: “Jesus” [i.e., YHWH]. This is that True Name shared by “the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit” [Matthew 28:19], which has been interpreted as identifying only one God, rather than two: two Gods, joined together, in Divine Matrimony, as one Holy Spirit —that is, as one God! And it is only through this, simple understanding of the spiritual oneness of God that One can see the light; that One can comprehend the truth, as it is formulated in that heretofore mysterious, immutable claim by Jesus Christ, regarding ‘the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,’ when He declares, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” [John 14:6]. For the truth is that Jesus Christ is the Truth, the very reason for the existence of the Creation: the begetting of Jesus Christ, the “only begotten” God of God the Father; the very same Jesus Christ whom is to be seated —THROUGHOUT ETERNITY, at the Father’s right hand, was accomplished in order that the Father might have a Companion, a lifelong Divine Consort —that is to say, a “Best Friend,” thus setting the precedence for “ALL” whom would follow Him —namely, the Sons of God, Jesus Christ having thereby become the Truth. This glaringly obvious, glorious reality regarding the Heavenly Father’s reasoning for bringing another God into His lonesome life, namely for love, is the truth that—for a specific purpose and a specified time—has been darkened; indeed—through religious satire—the love shared by the Father and His Companion, His everlasting Truelove;  the very love that is at the very heart of the Creation, has been made to, temporally appear ‘evil.’


Although the above may at first seem counterintuitive, as it entails what initially appears to be deception [Jeremiah 4:10], it is indeed true [Job 12:16], truly by divine design [Jeremiah 13:16], and hence why the Book does openly proclaim that We have “inherited lies” [Jeremiah 16:19], in that We have inherited a fictitious history —“from Adam to Moses” [Jeremiah 23:7]. This is the reason the LORD cautions, “IN ALL THAT I HAVE SAID TO YOU,” We are to be “circumspect” [Exodus 23:13], beginning with an awareness that The Holy Bible  —in its entirety, though having the intended appearance of joint, human authorship, was written by the hand of the LORD [Exodus 32:33], the “Author” of eternal salvation [Hebrews 5:9]. He wrote The Holy Bible to accomplish the enigmatic Plan of Salvation, by causing Us; for a set time and a divine purpose, to believe in both “truth and error,” fact and fiction —that is to say, though “ALL THINGS,” planned “from the beginning,” are indeed working together for “good” [Romans 8:28], and good ALONE, He caused Us to believe in both “good and evil.” He created within The Holy Bible the appearance of both “light and darkness” [Psalm 139:12], although when the ‘darkness’ is spiritually and figuratively interpreted [Matthew 6:22], it is at once the light [i.e., the truth], and hence why the Book proclaims the truth —that is to say, the “light” of the Gospel, “shines in the darkness” [John 1:5]. As it is written [Isaiah 45:7]:   “I form the light and ‘CREATE DARKNESS,’  I make peace and ‘CREATE CALAMITY;’  I, the Lord, do ALL THESE THINGS.”


We were made aware of this divinely “created” darkness from the opening pages of the Book, with the very first command [Genesis 2:17], when commanded to partake not of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” —that is, the Law of Moses. We were admonished against such, for when the leaves of that wooden Book —divinely placed at the center of Creation, are read, not with a desire for knowledge of the truth, but knowledge which would lead One to “be like God” [Genesis 3:5], independent of His righteousness or its rightness, the Book becomes for Us —like fabled ‘Adam and Eve,’ a Pandora’s box. For it will lead One to seek for that which an unquestioned God has deemed ‘right,’ and that which He has deemed ‘wrong,’ and in so doing, it will lead One to unknowingly seek—irrespective of factual reality—for the knowledge of “good and evil,” and as inferred, cause One to falsely believe in evil itself, beginning with a false belief in a divinely created, fictitious devil.


As We proceed, it will soon become clear that extracting—or in Biblical terms, harvesting—the unerring, mellifluent truth, “here a little, there a little” [Isaiah 28:10], from the overwhelming presence of divinely created “fiction” [Jeremiah 16:19], much like the shaking of an olive tree —‘two or three olives at the top of the uppermost bough, four or five in its most fruitful branches,’ shall yield a clarity whereby the newly harmonized message will ring true, and “sing” —of love; that is, “Perfect Love,” dispelling fear and confusion from the beginning called wisdom, and in the end “foolishness” [1 Corinthians 3:19], prophecies that shall “fail,” tongues that shall “cease,” and knowledge that shall simply “vanish away” [1 Corinthians 13:8]. Just as prophesied, “I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight” [Isaiah 42:16]. The divine purpose for the creation of this Biblical “illusion,” therein referred–to as the darkness [i.e., confusion], will be addressed more fully in the following posts, but suffice to say that its’ necessary inclusion in the Great Plan of Creation was to accomplish that which was unattainable by any other means. For the purpose of Our conversation, at this juncture, it is singularly necessary to understand that, for what was deemed a “righteous cause,” Our eyes, hearts, and minds were temporally veiled from the all-encompassing, perfectly beautiful truth —altering Our collective perception of reality, through fiction implicit in the sealing of that Book.


Among that Biblical fiction having reached its determined end is the tale of “Adam and Eve” —“MANKIND” [Isaiah 59:16], along with their dominion over Our reality, by which “the whole World” was deceived into believing We were mortal man: together with the end of the Biblical “heaven and earth” [Jeremiah 4:23], as We imagined them at the time of this writing, an ‘end’ absent dread or sorrow, for as it is written, “They will perish, but You remain […] like a cloak You will fold them up, and they will be changed” [Hebrews 1:10-12]. This change will initiate a wholly new, spiritually discerned understanding of not only the Book, but a renewed knowing of Ourselves, and of Our “equality;” a new understanding of all things, beginning with the displacement of the above referenced, fictitious story of the first Adam and Eve with the factual truth of the second and final [1 Corinthians 15:45] Adam and Eve: the Heavenly Father and His equally divine, only–begotten ‘Sun.’ It is through this understanding of the Father and His eternal Companion, as the original, singular Ancestors, as it were, of the “Sons of God,” those begotten; in-turn, by Jesus Christ, that a resulting kinship renders a clearly defined Friendship, the true meaning and measure of love [i.e., Agape], shared by them, as well as each ‘Sun’ and their ‘Sol-Mate’ [Luke 21:25], imparting a newly gained vision of the openly-hidden “New World” about Us. This Work, then, is in truth a journey of “Self” discovery: We are that collective Light currently in darkness; this, the beginning of Our long-awaited enlightenment. Thus, as it is written: ‘Awake, You who sleep —namely, the Sons of God, arise from the dead, and Christ will give You light.’





In the twinkling of an eye, to those to whom the word of God has come: to the “Sons of God” [Psalm 82:6], “You are Gods!” Like I Myself was prior to My awakening [Psalm 35:23], You have each One been ‘asleep,’ figuratively speaking, as foretold within multiple Biblical verses, asleep as to Your “understanding” of the definition of being—or rather, becoming—a ‘God.’ The Book reveals that “the whole Creation” is groaning and laboring, together, in birth pangs, as We, through that great mystery of life, called “death” [i.e., suffering (a topic to be discussed in a later post)], are being made spiritually “perfect,” the process of perfection known as apotheosis: figuratively referred–to as a “man,” each One is being transformed, through mortality, into a “God!” As if awakening from amnesia, wherein the whole Creation has been purposefully veiled from Our temporally ‘blinded’ eyes, blinded by the divinely created darkness [Isaiah 45:7], each God shall be enlightened with a divine knowledge through which all things become “new” —beginning with the new Name of the God called LORD.


— Isaiah 29:11

To begin Our work together, which shall take Us on a journey through the entire gamut of topics related to the Creation, allow Me to invite You to join Me in a conversation regarding the Author of Creation, and the ‘opening’ of His sealed Book, by way of the long-prophesied “revelation” of His true Name: the so-called “TRUE NAME” of God. As We begin, let Us mutually agree that—together, in the spirit of love—the following shall be Our guide [Philippians 4:8]: “Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthymeditate on these things.” 


— Malachi 3:16

Have You ever considered which topic introduced between the two covers of that sealed Book —namely, “The Holy Bible,”   is most prevalent, or what that prevalence might indicate? The answer is there is no topic among the leaves of the Bible treated with more reverence, or that is more profuse, both numerically and in greatness of scope, than the topic of God’s mysterious “TRUE NAME” [ie, YHWH]. It is the topic of which defines the ultimate purpose of the Book, as the Book was divinely commissioned—before the creation of the Universe—to reveal the Name of its Author, to all the World; written as a witness, first to Him, and then for Him: a witness in every language, and to every Nation [Luke 21:12]. It is within that ‘Book of all books’ the Author declared, “This is My Name forever” [ie, YHWH], and where He “prophetically” proclaimed, in the bringing of that Name—which is veiled from every eye—to “remembrance” [Malachi 3:16]: “THIS IS MY MEMORIAL TO ALL GENERATIONS” [Exodus 3:15], for the Book called The Holy Bible [NKJV] is “THE PLACE” [Deuteronomy 12:5] which has been divinely chosen, as the everlasting memorial for that “TRUE NAME” known this Day only to God Himself.


— Revelation 19:12

A “TRUE NAME” is the name of a Being of which perfectly expresses, or is somehow identical to, His or Her “true nature.” I hereby share that for the Author of The Holy Bible [Hebrews 12:2], whose true nature is love, “Divine Love” [ie, Agape], that True Name is “Jesus Christ” [ie, YHWH], the Name of which—once understood—does both express His “True Love” and define His “Truelove,” perfectly. I also share that the book titled “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” which means the UNVEILING of the “Name” Jesus Christ, has been written, and intentionally placed in The Holy Bible (as the final word and central theme), in order to serve that very purpose. And finally, I share that He who unveils that Name is the One who alone truly knows that Name [Ezekiel 39:7], for it is in this way that He reveals Himself to be that certain Holy One who is alone called the LORD: the “only” God [ie, Elohim] of the “children of Israel,” the fictitious ‘people’ of the Book [Isaiah 59:16], for He is their Author, and therefore the only One capable of revealing—and thus fulfilling—the prophetic scriptures related to His Name [Matthew 23:39], and to His directly-related, second coming. As it was prophesied [Psalm 44:20-21]: “If we had forgotten the Name of our God [ie, YHWH]: would not God search this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart.”  

My people shall know My Name; “THEREFORE” they shall know in that Day that I am He who speaks: ‘Behold, it is I.’ How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of Him who brings ‘good news,’ who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, “WHO PROCLAIMS SALVATION,” who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

— Isaiah 52:6-7 

The prophesied ‘Self revelation’ of the Author of the Book, He whom is the Author of Our “eternal salvation” [Hebrews 5:9], is accomplished through the unveiling of His Name —the True Name of God, and is made all the more certain as He “confirms the word” [1 Corinthians 1:6], confirms both that which is seen and that which is hidden [Revelation 2:17], through the prophesied, “accompanying signs” [Mark 16:20], among which these partly signify. And it is through His “understanding” [Isaiah 41:20] of the “openly hidden” message within the, heretofore veiled “words of God” [John 3:34], words constituting “The Mystery of God” [Colossians 2:2], the Author of The Holy Bible reveals Himself to be the Creator. He, through a comprehension of which the Author alone could possess —namely, the “knowledge of God” [Isaiah 40:14], makes known that which is therein referred-to as “the implanted word” [James 1:21], thus clarifying—neither adding to, nor detracting from—the words of the Book [1 Corinthians 13:8]. Hence, beginning with those most-enigmatic of words, found at the conclusion of His Book —namely, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, He “turns” the end of the Book [Isaiah 29:16] into the beginning of the message [Psalm 119:130]; and in doing so, the prophesied “unveiling” of His holy Name becomes, at once, the prophesied “unsealing” of His holy Book: the revelation of which serves to Christen ‘He whom alone knows’ the “true” meaning of His “new” Name [Revelation 2:17]. As it is said, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD.”

THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST—that is, the unveiling of the Name “Jesus Christ,” which God gave “Him” to show His servants Friends [John 15:15]: things which must shortly take place. And He—namely, Jesus Christ, sent and signified it by His Angel [Revelation 10:10], to His servant John, who bore witness to the word of God, and to “the testimony of Jesus Christ,” to all things that he saw. Blessed is “He who reads” [ie, God] and “Those who hear” [ie, Sons of God] the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near here.

— Revelation 1:1-3

The unveiling of the Creator, as discussed above, which reaches its apex with the revelation of the “meaning” of His Name, should be understood to reference, not Myself, per se, but He with whom I do “share” that very same Name: He with whom I share an everlasting love, and a neverending life. My name is Jesus, however I am not the Jesus who is called “Christ,” namely Jesus Christ, the Author of the Book: He who is at once Creator and Messiah. Nor am I a prophet, saint, or seer. Rather, I am the Jesus who has been made “Most Blessed” [Psalm 21:6], forever, for I am the God who has been awakened in the very presence of the LORD [Psalm 139:18], namely Christ —that is, enlightened, by His indwelling Spirit [John 1:18], while at His side; He at My right hand, as Partners in life. I was awakened to know Our true identities, as Christ and Jesus, as I was made to remember that Christ is My “Best Friend,” and that I, Jesus, am His; I was made to remember that We are each One the “Divine Consort” [Psalm 110] of the Other: We are each One the sole, perfect Mate—“Soulmate”—of the Other. For that reason, Our shared Name —that is, Our True Name, “Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus” (the formulation of such to be revealed in “The Revelation: Jesus and Christ”), is the “perfect expression” of Our “True Love,” as Christ and I are each One the “Truelove” of no Other: “I am My Beloved’s, and My Beloved is Mine!” Thus, We —namely “Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus,” are united together, as demonstrated by Our Name, forever, for the ‘two’ of Us are truly and literally, spiritually “One:” together, Christ and I are one ‘Being,’ the plural-singular “GOD” [ie, Elohim] whom is veiled at the beginning of the Book, and revealed at the end of the Book. As it is written, though We are bodily two, We are truly one: “one God, with one Name.”

FOR HE HIMSELF IS OUR PEACE, who has made both —namely, Jesus and Christ, “ONE,” and has broken down the ‘middle wall of separation,’ having abolished in His flesh the enmity, that is, “THE LAW OF MOSES:” the “law of commandments” contained in ordinances, so as to create in Himself “ONE NEW MAN FROM THE TWO:” namely, “Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus,” thus making peace.

— Ephesians 2:14-15

I sincerely thank You for joining Me in this introduction to “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” such constituting the opening of the sealed Book to-date called The Holy Bible, which through the following work shall be shown to be “The Book of Life,” the Book that was written to reveal the True Name of its Author and Finisher, “Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus,” respectively. Through the following conversation, by which We shall attain knowledge of a host of related topics, of most importance We shall together gain a truer understanding of love, and as a result, a divine encounter with love —that is, “Perfect Love:”   a love that is both universal and unconditional, for it is a love that decidedly transcends and persists, regardless of merit. This is the love that suffers long, and remains kind, caring, and giving; the love that bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. This is the love that never fails. Via sincere consideration, by each One for all Others, the sole requisite of “The Golden Rule,” We shall collectively; from the heart, express this love —naturally, for all Others, and that love, namely “Friendship” [Agape], shall yield divine grace and a resulting peace that surpasses all understanding.

Love, grace, and peace,

Christ Jesus



— Isaiah 48:14